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The Fileglass Documentation contains multiple in-depth articles to help you learn the basics of Fileglass.

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We now offer a public API that allows your applications to interface with Fileglass, also available for personal use.

Frequently asked questions

Most asked questions about Fileglass.

Why should I use Fileglass?
Fileglass offers a reliable image and file hosting service with blazing fast speeds and secure file storage. We support a variety of devices and almost all file types are allowed. Lastly, we have a great community and support team to guide you.
What limits are there on uploading?
Unfortunately, our current backend has issues with processing large files, so files above 100MB may fail to upload, typically the upload limit would be 5GB. We are currently working on rewriting our backend to solve this among many other issues.
What can I upload?
We allow anything to be uploaded under the exception that it abides by our terms of service and international law. Exercise common sense when uploading.